The word massage? Where what why and how? This is easy to find on one of the worlds most nice website ( this is personal.) This ONE Great if you like words and language. Anyhow a simple search made me find out where this word is coming from:

It is actually from 1876 massage meaning friction of kneading, from Masser or TO massage. Possible this came from Arabic Massa, ” to touch, to feel, to handle”.
Probably this word was picked up there ( in Egypt.) during the Napoleonic Campaign there. Other possibility is that France got it in colonial India from port Ammasar: ” Kneed ” , a verb from L. Massa ( Mass, dough )

The verb is attested from 1887. Masseur, female Masseuse, both dating all the way back to 1876, are from Fr. Masser.

Massage Parlor first attested in 1913, from the start a euphemism for ” house of prostitution. “

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